About Us

About us

Our aim is simple – to make life more affordable for people over the age of 60 in the UK. It doesn’t matter whether you are retired or still employed, we want to bring you the very best discounts and money saving offers available.

As you get older in life, one of the benefits is the many amazing discounts available to you. We are committed to connecting people aged 60 and over with the best money-saving discounts at the biggest brands. Why? Because you deserve it!

About Our Scheme

With our experience, we are dedicated to bringing you the best discounts, deals, offers, concessions and coupons available. Whether you are searching for the latest deals across fashion, holidays, cosmetics or homeware, our discounts can help you save money at the brands you love. With our discounts, you can shop at the places you love and save.

Why Join Us?

When you join our site, you’re gaining access to a massive selection of discounts and exclusive offers. We offer you the ability to save thousands of pounds at the brands you know and love.

Do you have more questions about our discounts? Why not head over to our How it Works page where we answer some commonly asked questions.

How We Make Money

For most offers on our site, we get paid a small commission from the brand when someone makes a purchase using one of our discount codes. We work closely with brands to secure exclusive offers and are committed to helping our members achieve the best savings possible.

However, there are still plenty of deals that we add to our site that we will never get paid for, why? Because some deals are too good to miss and we want our members to know about them!

How To Become A Partner

Are you interested in partnering with us? When you become a partner, your brand will be able to access a highly engaged and interactive audience in the UK.

All you need to do is send an email to our partnership team at contact@over60sdiscounts.co.uk – we look forward to speaking with you!

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