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About Frive

At Frive, their ethos is simple: 100% real food, zero compromises. Forget artificial additives or preservatives.

Frive are all about delivering natural, delicious, chef-prepared meals, directly to your door, ready for you to heat and eat in minutes.

No cooking. No compromise. No reason not to.

  • Say goodbye to meal prep, cooking, and cleaning. Frive’s chefs handle that.
  • No more macro maths or calorie counting. Frive balances each meal for you.
  • So much flavour. So much choice. Choose from over 30 enticing meals every week.

Frive are bringing a new meaning to ‘fast food’ 

  • Farmers’ market-level ingredients.
  • Fast-food-level convenience.
  • Restaurant-level flavour.

The only thing Frive preserve is your free time. No artificial ingredients, preservatives, or flavour enhancers. Just pure food –  as it was meant to be.

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