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  • Published 03.01.2024
Best websites for UK seniors

Welcome to Over 60s Discounts and our first blog post! Whilst we’re dedicated to helping over 60s save money, with an amazing range of top offers at leading brands for our members to benefit from, we want this site to be about more than just providing great deals.

Our blog will showcase articles and guides across a whole host of relevant topics for our readers to (hopefully!) enjoy. To kick off, we have trawled the internet to track down amazing content specifically tailored for UK seniors, just for you.

Whilst we’ve discovered that finding content specifically for the over 60s is quite a challenge (that’s an article for another day), we’re delighted to share below our favourite websites for UK seniors. These sites cover a broad range of topics and all provide insightful information, inspiration or a sense of community for their readers, offering authentic perspectives from individuals at a similar stage in their life.

Top Websites for UK Seniors

Pounds and Sense

Written by Nick, a 60-something who shares his thoughts and insights on financial and investment matters, alongside other areas such as holidays, food & drink and health. Nick’s blog is mostly focused on saving and making money, with a great selection of articles ranging from reviewing the latest financial app or investment platform, through to a guide on how you can make money from public speaking! Yes, really! Check out Pounds and Sense here.

Age Space

A one-stop online source of information and guidance for anyone caring for an older parent or relative, neighbour or friend. Whether you are currently providing care or are concerned about the future, Age Space is packed with useful resources that can help. The site is run by Annabel James, who was driven to launch Age Space following her own personal experience of care provision within her family. A valuable collection of pertinent information and guidance on what is a highly emotive and important topic for many families across the UK.

The Silver Nomad

The Silver Nomad is a very enjoyable travel blog written by Larch, an avid traveller, writer, photographer, amateur explorer, house sitter and qualified drone pilot! Larch aims to inspire people to explore the world, discovering locations that are off the beaten track to enable a deeper and more meaningful travel experience. Previous travel highlights include St Petersburg in the ‘90s, living on an island off Honduras for 3 months and a 6 day safari in the Okavango Delta – wow!

The 3 Growbags

Operated by three sisters with a shared love of gardening, plants and horticulture, The 3 Growbags shares stories on the highs and lows of gardening. The blog covers all things gardening, with contributions from each sister at their respective gardens in England, Scotland and Normandy. There is also a superb monthly guide on the best plants for each month, alongside comprehensive gardening tips and a shop, offering the latest gifts, gardening tools and other garden related goods.


Next on the list is Restless, the UK’s fastest growing digital community for the over 50s with over 1.1 million members. Restless aim to inspire today’s generation of UK seniors to live life to the full, with a range of articles on topics such as jobs & careers, learning & courses, dating, volunteering and how to keep a healthy mind and body as you get older.

The Financial Wilderness

If you’re looking for top tips on effective money management, or interesting way to boost your finances, The Financial Wilderness is the place for you. Operated by personal finance blogger Dan, The Financial Wilderness is often referred to as a personal survival guide to the Financial Jungle! In addition to personal finance, there are also plenty of insightful articles on lifestyle topics to enjoy.


As one of the UK’s best self-help sites for all things money related, MoneyMagpie is packed with fun and easy to understand articles, eBooks and videos on how to make money, save money and manage your money wisely. It has over 2,500 articles across a huge range of financial topics and is a trusted online resource that is definitely worth taking a look at. MoneyMagpie has been featured by a number of major news organisations, including Sky News, Mail Online, BBC News and The Guardian to name a few.

Disagree with the list or found something better? Let us know in the comments below!

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